Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™

Choose your height: Shorter than 5.75ft (175cm), Choose your weight: Less than 143lbs (65kg)

Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™
Penlar Seat Cushion™

A fully personalized experience.

In cooperation with the NS&PT team of pain specialists, Penlar has created a new type of seat cushion that adjusts to your unique individual measurements. This method provides everyone with the best possible results, whether in the sphere of back pain relief and prevention or all-day comfort with the correct posture and increased productivity.

With its soft foam crafted based on your responses to the height/weight questionnaire, it will no longer matter how many hours you sit a day. If you have constant sitting pain, our cushion will take care of its relief, but even if the pain occurs after several hours of sitting, the cushion will prevent it from occurring.

Once you fill out the questionnaire and receive a cushion completely tailored to you, you can say goodbye to all the sitting problems you had before.

Additionally, we've made sure to add other unique features that make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

These features include heat resistance, maintaining its softness in cold temperatures, a colorfast anti-slip bottom that prevents it from sliding on chairs, an elastic handle for convenient portability, and a side pull tab pocket designed to prevent the pull tab from causing any damage to your chair.


Frequently asked questions.

What if I want to order several personalized cushions at once?

If you want to order more than one cushion, you will have to complete a height/weight questionnaire for each of them separately if they are for different people. After completing the questionnaire, simply place the created cushion in the cart and repeat the process several times, depending on how many different cushions you want to get. If you want to order multiple cushions for yourself, after completing the questionnaire, put the cushion in the cart and simply increase the quantity using the 'quantity' section in the cart.

Who is this cushion for?

The Penlar seat cushion is for anyone who constantly sits for more than one hour a day. If you want to be comfortable and prevent or get rid of your back pain, this cushion is for you.

What materials is it made of?


- Elastic earth-friendly polyester cover
- Polyurethane memory foam with a perfect balance of softness and firmness

Dimensions depend on your answers to the height/weight questionnaire.

How to clean it?

The hypoallergenic cushion cover is very easy to remove and can be washed in the washing machine.

For drying, air dry only.

Only the cover of the cushion is washable, the inside is not.

What are your shipping details?

We ship our products worldwide. Order processing takes 1-3 days, and shipping takes 5-15 days. Standard Tracked & Insured shipping is free on all orders over 1 USD.

You can track your order at anytime here.

What is Penlar Warranty?

After forming a community of over a million people on social media and upgrading thousands of gaming setups all over the world, we are very confident in our products, and that's why we provide a completely risk-free 100 day warranty. You can contact us anytime in the first 100 days if you aren't satisfied with our products and we will refund your money. No question asked.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can make purchases on our website using PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, or any other recognized online payment method.

Which currency will I be charged in?

If you look at the bottom left of your screen you should see an option to change the currency. Just click the little flag icon and scroll until you find your desired currency.

Do you offer any financing or payment plan options?

We offer the Shop Pay installment option, which is active on orders above 50 USD and provides you with payment in 4 installments.

Any question?

You can contact us through our contact page. We will be happy to assist you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 151 reviews
Erika Schuster

It is fine for uncomfortable chairs and the need for a cushion for extra comfort.

Race Baker

Best purchase I made in a long time! Also very cheap too!

Irwin Fisher

Works great, my chair is now comfortable again! It's padding had started to age and it felt hard, so after adding this to my chair I have a comfortable seat once again!

Ulices Langosh

Everything is great! Thank you very much!

Gail Thompson

Great product, comfortable material and excellent quality